Our Mission
Our mission is to share happiness with childrenwho have been orphaned or abandoned, whoarehomeless or vulnerable, or suffering from life threatening diseases including cancer and thalassemia.

We work to support such children, and strive to provide each with love, respect, clothing, food, medical coverage, shelter, and opportunity, to the same standard as wewould provide for our own. 

Our efforts are guided by our belief that beyond material provisions, children require time, attention, patience and support to feel loved and valued, and to develop the self-belief necessary to succeed in life.


Our Programs
At present, we enable the following support services to the orphans at the Sirat – ulJannah orphanage in Karachi:

Medical Care:
Funding and facilitating clinical checkups and provision of medicine for the abandoned and homeless children

Basic Necessities:

Providing of food, warm clothes, footwear and other necessities to abandoned and homeless children;

Volunteering and spending time:

Establishing programsto enable volunteers to visit and spend time with the children at foster homes and orphanages across Karachi; on a regular basis.


Organizational Structure
Sharing Happiness is a non-profit, volunteer organization. In the future, its three founders  (listed below) intend to register the same as a trust.

As a matter of principle, we ensure that100% of all donations, (whether funds or goods in kind) go directly to the children in need. The organization has no overheads or salaries, and is comprised entirely of volunteers.

Upon registration, the trustees of Sharing Happiness will be as follows:

Umair Ahmed
Umair is an accountant and tax consultantat A. F. Ferguson & Co, who createdthe Sharing Happiness Foundation as a platform to support children in need across Pakistan. For over 3 years, he assisted the administration ofthe Sirat-ul-Jannah Orphanage, both in terms of fundraising and by providing administrative support.

Ashraf Kalim
Ashraf is the owner and founder of Magnus Communications, with over ten years of experience in the marketing and advertising sector. He has extensive operational and charitable fundraising experience, with respect to both non-governmental organizations and multinational corporate social responsibility programs.   In addition to his role at the Sharing Happiness Foundation, he is also the General Secretary of United Pakistan.

Nadir Burney
Nadir is a lawyer, presently working at HaidermotaBNR. He has previously worked with children as a volunteer mentor at One Degree Trust in London, and as the Legal Officer for Project Advocate, a charitable organization that provided free legal representation to juvenile detainees in Karachi and Lahore



You can make a donation by:

Contacting us: to learn more at the following:

Mobile: 0341-0369769 (Umair Ahmed)
Email:    nadir.burney@gmail.com

Personally visiting or donating to the Sirat – ulJannah Orphanage in Karachi, which can be found at

Plot 5-C, Street 9, Badarcomm Area, Phase 5.ext D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.

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